Did you know that your local plumber can also be an expert roofer? Well, it’s true! Many types of home and business plumbing installations require venting with stacks that must penetrate the roof and it is up to the plumbers to drill holes in the roof, install the venting pipes and properly seal the roof to prevent leakage.

Perhaps, this is why the PBT USA Roofing Review forged a relationship with plumbers Arvada and beyond, and in particular with Arvada Plumbing Services (

Roofing companies throughout the United States submit stories about their respective companies to PBT, and one such company located in Arvada needed to renovate their warehouse to add additional bathrooms.

They Googled “plumbers Arvada” and up came with Arvada Plumbing Services ( You see, this roofing company had a 7,000 square foot warehouse with a small office portion and a single bathroom.

As their company grew, added more workers, a secretary, an account and so forth, they really needed to put in a men’s and a ladies’ room. They had the space available by pushing slightly into the warehouse area so they contacted Arvada Plumbing Services to work with them on the renovation.

The specialists at Arvada Plumbing Services came out to the roofing company’s warehouse and took careful measurements. They reviewed the existing plumbing and sewer and determined the best way to tap in.

The two new bathrooms would require vents to be placed in the roof of the warehouse. Even the expert roofers in that facility were amazed at how expertly the plumbers made the holes, placed the piping and flashed the roof to prevent leakage!

They were glad that when they had Googled “plumbers Arvada” that the Arvada Plumbing Services ( came up first in the search queue.

Now, those roofers have state of the art, private bathrooms in their facility. Everyone there loves those new bathrooms and knows that when they seek plumbers Arvada there is only one choice: Arvada Plumbing Services!