PBT USA Roofing Review is a leading U.S. roofing journal headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. We have been in the roofing journal business ever since 1953 when Paul Berkshire Talbot, a roofing contractor in greater Wichita established the journal as a weekend hobby. Called by all his friends “PBT” after the initials of his name, he was interested in reporting on developments and trends in the local roofing industry for his colleagues and associates in the industry. But by 1960 his weekend hobby had grown into a full-time job. He handed his roofing contracting business over to his son in that year, and devoted the rest of his life to working on his beloved journal. PBT passed away in 1992, but the journal that he created, and that is named after him, lives on after him, being published and edited now by his grandson Henry Talbot. This is the blog of the PBT USA Roofing Review, a place where we talk not only about roofing matters, but also about articles of interest in many different, far-ranging subjects. The blog has been online since 2010, and it has become one of the most popular projects that the editorial staff of the PBT USA Roofing Review have ever engaged in.